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Nourish, soothe, and rejuvenate your family's skin with our Tallow Balm and Cleansing Butter – the ultimate solution for sensitive and delicate skin. Check out the transformation for yourself!

Before and after pictures of tallow lotion clearing up skin on baby

Beth (British Columbia)

"I love this cream! It's absolutely amazing! I used it for my daughters dry irritated eczema on her face. Within a day and a few applications it got better. Also love to use it for my hands and face as well. It's really helped my hands too."

Nina (Manitoba)

"This balm has been a miracle for my babies! My 19-month-old had severe eczema around her mouth ever since starting solids and nothing could tame it while learning to eat. Within 3 days it went from raw irritated to flakey and less red, to today where there is still some redness, but the texture of the skin is soooo much smoother! I've finally found a moisturizer that I can use on all my kids, with one having lots of sensitivities and allergies. This is by far the best natural, non-toxic balm I've ever used!" 

Monica (British Columbia)

"This tallow balm is magical! I was shocked to see how fast it worked for my sons eczema. His hands cleared up within two days whereas normal prescription creams take longer and may not even fully clear it. I'm so happy you introduced this to us and make this amazing stuff!" 

Better skin with eternal tallow balm from Winnipeg Manitoba

Jen (Manitoba)

"Just two applications and over four days time her sore and raised eczema patch behind her knee can't be seen! This stuff works, feels, and smells amazing!! She also likes the product and gets excited to put it on her "itchy spots" after bath time which is a relief in caring for a four year old at bedtime. Thank you Eternal Tallow!" 

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