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Pristine Tallow Cleansing Butter

Pristine Tallow Cleansing Butter

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Dissolves make up - Gentle on sensitive skin - leaves skin feeling supple and moisturized - organic flower infused oil cleanser. 

Comes in 4 oz jars. 
Our Pristine Tallow Cleansing Butter removes make up easily while at the same time moisturizing your skin. It is suitable and safe for sensitive skin.

At the heart of this sumptuous cleansing butter lies the secret to ageless allure – our meticulously sourced grass-fed, grass-finished, beef tallow. Sourced locally from regenerative farmers in Manitoba, Canada.

Infused with organic chamomile flowers, our tallow cleansing butter is an indulgent experience of skin rejuvenation. Chamomile's soothing touch is helpful for rosacea-prone skin, tightening pores, diminishing redness, and banishing blemishes. This ingredient also guards against inflammation and acne.

Tallow - Grass fed, grass finished, pastured beef tallow, humanly raised, pesticide free, herbicide free, horomone free, soy free, non-gmo, grain free, steroid free

Olive Oil - USDA Organic Olive Oil, extra virgin, cold pressed, non-gmo. 

Jojoba Oil - USDA Organic, cold pressed, non-gmo, unrefined, synthetic free, chemical free, sulfate free, paraben free

Chamomile Serum- Organic, locally grown in Manitoba and Quebec, a whole flower chamomile infusion. Regeneratively grown: pesticide, herbicide and insecticide free. 

Benefits of Chamomile - soothing for rosacea, regenerates skin and tightens pores, reduces redness and blemishes, reduces inflammation, helps in managing acne prone skin, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-septic, safe for sensitive skin.

Experience luxury skincare at its finest with our Pristine Tallow Cleansing Butter, a beautiful blend of natural ingredients thoughtfully crafted to unlock your skin's potential.

* Facial Cleansing Butter * Suitable for all skin types * Rich texture yet lightweight *Safe for lips, eyes, and face * 



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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Christine M Strang
Love this product

I’ve just started using tallow products and I love the way this cleanser feels on my face. You don’t even feel like you need moisturizer after. Only been 1 week and I’m already seeing improvements in my skin. I’ve always had oily skin and my skin feels less oily, by the end of the day, then it previously would.

Kelsey Sem
The BEST tallow I have tried!

I have tried many different tallows and Eternal Tallow is definitely my favorite! It's rich in fatty acids and deeply nourishes and hydrates my skin. My skin has felt so soft since using it!

Annie Bryant

The absolute best for taking off makeup!!!

The hydration every Manitoba winter needs

Title says it all 💕


Amazing product, cleansing and moisturizing will purchase again and again and again…..